Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 52 by Becky

Too Much Of A Good Thing!

OMG, hard to believe this is Week 52 of our 52 project. Waaaahhhhh! But, we have been talking about starting again in July  I sure hope so. I really did love doing this  Made me get out there and be accounted for taking a photo. Well, about this shot. My family and I went to Jacksonville to watch the International Soccer game between the US and Scotland. Our first real game. I just loved their accents. It was really neat seeing all the males from Scotland wearing kilts. Did not have the nerve to ask if they wore anything under their kilts :). Anyway, they are a great bunch of people who like to have a good time supporting their team. This guy had way too much fun before the game, if you know what I mean. Within 10 minutes of the game starting, he was out for the rest of the game. Had to use my flash to light him up a bit. Until next time, keep on snapping!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 52 by Judy

No Wimpy Girls Rock!!

It's been a great NWG year and I'm so, so sad this is the last week of the NWG 52 week project. This was a fun light painting photo that my husband helped me with. He did the letter painting with a flashlight with red lights while I operated the camera. I think he did a great job. Why it came out purple, I don't know, but I like it. The only editing done was some cropping and I added the border. My settings were f22, ISO 100, for 30 seconds. Stay tuned, NWGs may be back!

Week 52 by Robin

Beryl's Bands Over Viera

Waaaaaaah! This is the last week!! Boo hoo! I enjoyed all the outings and postings and I thank Judy for coming up with the idea and coming up with great plans for our NWG outings. I can't believe it's been a year already!! Love you NWGs!! 
So, my last photo for this year.... not a great day for photography, but Ray and I only had today to do something this weekend, so we braved Viera Wetlands to get some photos and to have a little fun. The bands of TS Beryl were sending us storms, but the wetlands were still open so we drove around and took some photos. I wasn't impressed with anything. This cloud over the gazebo looked cool, so I gave it a Topaz Adjust treatment and partially desaturated it with B&W. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 51 by Becky


Well, since my comrades posted their heron photos I figured it was only befitting I post mine.  This is the same heron in their photos that was getting yelled at by the other heron.  After awhile, this guy just took off because he was tired of being yelled at.  Normally, when you see these birds, they are very peaceful.  So, imagine our surprise when we heard the one heron yelling at the other.  Was kind of funny.  The one yelling was totally beside himself.  The one being yelled at was looking at him like "Whatever".  Hard to believe this is week 51 of our 52 project.  Boo Hoo. Hope we have another one.  Especially look forward to our NWG outings.  Thanks Judy, for planning them :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week 51 by Robin

ATTACK!! ...  Huh?!

As Judy said, this was our last NWG outing for this 52 week period. Hopefully, we will have many more. They have all been fun and a learning experience. Viera Wetlands...a photographer's paradise! These are the same birds as Judy's photo. This was the moment before the "angry" bird landed on the clueless bird's little perch on a dead palm tree stump. The light was wonderful and the action was stopped because I could use a high shutter speed. I like the way they are looking at each other. I wonder what was going on? Mating or fighting?

Week 51 by Judy

One Of Us Has Got To Go!

The NWGs went on our last photo walk for this series of the NWG's 52 week project. We went to Viera Wetlands. They had the wetlands blocked off to car traffic, so we walked the perimeter of a couple of the lakes/wetlands. These two herons gave us quite a show. The bottom one was just giving the other heron all kinds of grief for unknown reasons. The Great Blue Heron is usually a picture of calm and peacefulness, so witnessing and listening to all the racket this one bird was displaying was quite unusual. It's times like this, I wish I had a big honking lenses, but good things come to those who wait. This was taken with my 18-250mm zoom. Applied Topaz Photo Pop filter and some cropping.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Week 50 by Robin

Young Raccoon

Although I enjoyed my day at Lake Eola with Judy and the Camera Club, I didn't really love the photos I took.  Ray and I went to Viera Wetlands today and we saw this cute young raccoon digging for insects and grubs. He seemed to not mind us snapping photos or was so focused on finding his meal that he ignored us. It was a beautiful afternoon at the wetlands. :)

Week 50 by Judy

Hey Mommy, "I Love You!"

Went to Lake Eola Park in Orlando for the Camera Club's monthly field trip. This mother bird was feeding her baby while perched on some gnarly cypress tree branches along the banks of the lake. I love the way the water came out in this photo. Did some cropping and applied Topaz's Photo Pop filter. Happy Mother's Day!

Week 50 by Becky

Where is Waldo?

I just love reflections. It is like looking at another world. This is a maroon gazing ball that I have in my garden. I just loved how the plants seem to be swirling around me as I gazed into the ball. I applied an Autumn filter in Topaz Adjust. Used Topaz B/W to add some contrast. Then I sharpened and cropped.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week 49 by Becky


This is a predatory insect that is also called an assassin bug. There was a beetle on this same plant that wasn't moving even after I touched it so I have a feeling this little guy killed it. I located this little guy on the property next door. Found him more interesting than the ant pile I was photographing before this.

Week 49 by Robin

Mmm, Mmm! Doesn't That Look Tasty!

Ray and I went to the Brevard Zoo on Saturday and spent time taking photos and enjoying the scenery. This is a pair of teeny-tiny pygmy marmosets enjoying a lizard. They are only about 5 inches without the tail and weigh only about 5 ounces! I could watch them for hours. They are that adorable!

Week 49 by Judy

Magnolia in the Morning

This is a macro shot of the center of a magnolia flower just starting to open up. I took this early this morning when the sun was just starting to come up and shine thru the flower. I cropped it a little and sharpened the dark center. Magnolias are such beautiful large flowers and a sure sign that Spring has sprung.