Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week 51 by Robin

ATTACK!! ...  Huh?!

As Judy said, this was our last NWG outing for this 52 week period. Hopefully, we will have many more. They have all been fun and a learning experience. Viera Wetlands...a photographer's paradise! These are the same birds as Judy's photo. This was the moment before the "angry" bird landed on the clueless bird's little perch on a dead palm tree stump. The light was wonderful and the action was stopped because I could use a high shutter speed. I like the way they are looking at each other. I wonder what was going on? Mating or fighting?


  1. Ha, another good capture. Now all we need is a photo of the bird taking off....Becky? Enjoy the last week of this NWG project! :-(

  2. Great capture. Mine did not come out anywhere as good as this one. This guy means business. I love how the other heron was like "Whatever". Another great NWG outing.