Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week 49 by Robin

Mmm, Mmm! Doesn't That Look Tasty!

Ray and I went to the Brevard Zoo on Saturday and spent time taking photos and enjoying the scenery. This is a pair of teeny-tiny pygmy marmosets enjoying a lizard. They are only about 5 inches without the tail and weigh only about 5 ounces! I could watch them for hours. They are that adorable!


  1. First thing I saw was the lizard they were eating. Ewwww but great shot. Nothing like catching them in the action.

  2. Well, I would say this is cute, except for the beheaded lizard in his grubby little hands :-)!
    Love the capture of how the other monkey has his eagle eye on the lizard. I guess a monkey's gotta eat though, right?!!