Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 51 by Becky


Well, since my comrades posted their heron photos I figured it was only befitting I post mine.  This is the same heron in their photos that was getting yelled at by the other heron.  After awhile, this guy just took off because he was tired of being yelled at.  Normally, when you see these birds, they are very peaceful.  So, imagine our surprise when we heard the one heron yelling at the other.  Was kind of funny.  The one yelling was totally beside himself.  The one being yelled at was looking at him like "Whatever".  Hard to believe this is week 51 of our 52 project.  Boo Hoo. Hope we have another one.  Especially look forward to our NWG outings.  Thanks Judy, for planning them :)


  1. I'm glad we all posted photos of the "heron fight". Too funny! We may never witness something like that again. Nice capture.

  2. Nice capture and composition! Glad you posted one of the take off. Perfect! These 2 provided such nice subjects for us! Be nice if nature cooperated every time like this. :)