Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 52 by Becky

Too Much Of A Good Thing!

OMG, hard to believe this is Week 52 of our 52 project. Waaaahhhhh! But, we have been talking about starting again in July  I sure hope so. I really did love doing this  Made me get out there and be accounted for taking a photo. Well, about this shot. My family and I went to Jacksonville to watch the International Soccer game between the US and Scotland. Our first real game. I just loved their accents. It was really neat seeing all the males from Scotland wearing kilts. Did not have the nerve to ask if they wore anything under their kilts :). Anyway, they are a great bunch of people who like to have a good time supporting their team. This guy had way too much fun before the game, if you know what I mean. Within 10 minutes of the game starting, he was out for the rest of the game. Had to use my flash to light him up a bit. Until next time, keep on snapping!


  1. You can tell, he's a Scotsman! Hair, hat, hangover! Haha! Nice catch! Tells the story well. Dougie's had too much good cheer. Must have been a fun time for everyone!

  2. Wow, what a carrot top! I hope he didn't come all the over from Scotland just to sleep thru the game. Fun capture! Maybe you can catch him awake at next year's game :-).
    Enjoyed "our year" very much!