Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week 45 by Becky


At our photo club meeting, this past Tuesday, we had a couple speakers come in to talk about "Birding Photography".  Both are awesome bird photographers.  Well, the opportunity presented itself for me to try my hand at a little bird photography.  This Mockingbird has built a nest in a bush just off our front porch.  She laid three eggs a few weeks ago.  I checked them this morning and at least two have them have hatched. I told my son who came to look and that is when the mommy decided to fly over our heads to scare us away.  I ran in the house to get my camera to see if I could catch her flying into the nest.  This is her flying from one tree to the next.  She wouldn't come near the nest until I went inside.  The lens I used was a 18-200mm and I had to crop it down.


  1. Cool capture! It must have been difficult to focus on the Mockingbird so close to the tree. How exciting to get such a clear shot! Mommy Mock is a fierce protector! Maybe you will get some great photos of the babies when they are a little older. :)

  2. Don't mess with Mother Mockingbird! Good capture. I like the position of her wings in flight. Hope you can get a shot of the babies sometime without having to put up with the Mother's fury.