Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 45 by Robin

The Secret of the Lost Morning

This image sort of reminds me of a mystery book. So, I came up with a fake title. I took this photo in the morning on my way to work through my very dirty passenger window. There was fog, sun and a nice tree. Very moody through my spotty, tinted window... so, I gave it a Topaz B&W treatment and added an texture overlay along with some grunge brushes. When you zoom in you can still see some of the water spots from the window. Oh well...hopefully they add an "artistic" touch. Ha ha!


  1. Perfect composition. There is a sense of mystery. The tones and textures give it a very moody gloomy aura. SPOOKY!

  2. Now that you have the title of the book, you need to write the story to with it :-)! Nice choices in post processing. You are the master of shots from the car window!