Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week 41 by Becky

Lamp Post

Another successful soccer game weekend.  Since I already have posted a photo of soccer action a few weeks ago, I didn't want to again.  Tried taken photos of cows as we were driving 55 MPH down the road.  Not an easy task.  Tried to get photos of an Osprey in mid-flight at the soccer fields.  Didn't have any luck getting the Osprey in mid-flight.  Saw this lamp post that look pretty cool (non-moving) against the cloudy sky.  Figured it would look good with some Topaz Adjust filters applied.  The filters I applied were Topaz Black and White with the blending mode set to luminosity to give it contrast, Topaz Adjust Spicify, added a lighting filter (flashlight) to make it look like the light was on, followed up with Topaz Adjust Vintage Grunge.


  1. Very creative. I would have never thought that you "added" the light. Great job!

  2. Nice creative editing! I like how you used Topaz filters to make a vintage effect!