Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 41 by Judy

 Good Looking Red-head

We went camping again this weekend at Moss Park in Narcoossee, FL. I was hoping to get some photos of baby Sandhill Cranes. The Park Ranger said they had four babies born late last month; but, unfortunately something had gotten them all, probably a raccoon. I did manage to capture this guy while on a bike ride thru the Park. He was alone, which is unusual for Sandhill Cranes, as they are usually seen in pairs, so either he's a juvenile that hasn't found a mate yet, or his mate has been killed. I hope he just hasn't found a mate yet. BTW, the photo (Week 26)  I took of a turtle laying her eggs also lost all her eggs to a raccoon. Sad, but that's Nature's way.


  1. This is a wonderful capture. I did not realize their eyes were orange. Looks like he has an evil gleam to his eyes. Great DOF and composition.

  2. :( :( :( So sad, nature's way! I hope at least this guy will find a mate and make lots of cute babies! He almost looks like he's considering you for a friend! :) Nice head shot with wonderful bokeh! Love the eyes!