Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week 16 by Judy

Mosquito Hawk

Went to Viera Wetlands this afternoon for the first time. Neat place. I took this photo from my car. Actually, I'm surprised how well it came out considering the distance I was from the dragonfly. My husband calls dragonflies, mosquito hawks, because they love to eat mosquitoes, which is a wonderful thing. This is a Halloween Pennant dragonfly. I took this with my 18-250mm zoom. Cropped, sharpened the dragonfly, and applied Topaz mild detail filter.


  1. Yay! You finally got to go to Viera wetlands. Isn't it cool the way you can use your car as a way to hide from the wildlife? A beautiful capture! You got him in perfect focus and he stands out nicely from the background!

  2. Awesome. You remember the Gerlach's? They talked about drive by shootings and how you can get some unexpected photos. You did. Love the earthy tones and that bokeh is to die for. Great composition and focus.