Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 16 by Becky

We See You

Playing around with my new Nikon Macro 105mm lens. Took a variety of photos this morning which caused me to have a hard time determining what to enter for the blog this week. Came across these nasty things in the garden and decided to post them for the blog. Especially since tomorrow they are going bye bye. Don't like the blurry plant in the foreground, but I was not about to clip it away. These guys are really nasty and they were watching my every movement. I moved, they moved. Pretty weird. Tried to clone part of the plant out, but it just didn't look right. Very happy with the lens. My settings were f9.0, ISO 160, 1/6 sec. Opened in Adobe Raw and did some tweaking. Did Topaz Adjust, but don't remember what I did. Really need to get better about documenting that stuff. Unsharp Mask, crop, smart sharpened, then saved for web.


  1. You can really see the detail on those little stingers! Good thing you saw them before they saw you. I like the plant in the foreground - provides depth. Enjoy your new glass.

  2. Excellent! Those wasps sure look mean and they seem to be looking at you! Ack! Glad you have the 105mm and not the 35mm or you may have been stung! :D

    I love the detail you have here and the greens and reds provide color. It's like you are peering into their little domain. Little do they know that they have no future! Enjoy your wonderful, new lens!