Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week 16 by Robin

Since both of you lucky gals just got shiny new macro lenses, I got a longing to hook mine up to the 7D with an extender like Roz (from DP Challenge) does to get her breathtaking macros. I also brought out the Gary Fong "Puffer" diffuser and my 430EX off the camera as a slave. These are tiny iridescent long legged flies (Condylostylus) that flit around on the hibiscus bushes. You can't get them with the flash from the front (unless you are Roz)...they are THAT fast, but I got this one from behind! :) No tripod today. I did some color adjustments and sharpening in Topaz Detail, then used Topaz adjust and a bit of Noise Ninja to smooth it out the background area.


  1. Well, this must be the week for insect photography. Cool pic! Nice color. You can even see it's little antennas and it needs to shave it's legs ;-)

  2. It is so funny how we both ended up taking a photo of similar flies. Mine has more gold in him. The extender worked great for you. I agree with Judy, this guy needs to shave his legs. Great crisp focus and composition.