Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 15 by Robin

Our camera club went to the Ag Museum and it was a great place to see Florida history come alive! I wanted to try to make a photo that looks like it was taken from that era. This is my beginner attempt! Hope it's OK Judy. You make a great shopkeeper! ;) This was in the general store. I decided to purchase Topaz B&W and played with it some to get this photo. I also added an overlay to make it look worn. Topaz B&W has a lot to play with! I hope to use it to finally get some beautiful black and white images someday.


  1. You succeeded in making it look old. Awesome job. I had to look at the photo twice to realize it was Judy in the photo. I thought it was a shopkeeper that let you take their photo. I now see the camera straps. I will have to look into Topaz B & W.

  2. Ha, nice shot! I must be a reincarnated shopkeeper. Nice job on getting the old fashioned look. There were many photos I took in the store that I liked. It was difficult to choose. Looks like I'm going to have to get Topaz B&W too.

  3. Nice work Robin!!! I can not get enough of Topaz's new BW Effects.