Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 44 by Robin

The Dual Portals of the Mysterious Professor Pooka

Happy April Fools Day! Thought I'd do something silly. I found these glasses at the Dollar Store and couldn't wait to use them today. My dear Pooka has always been a good sport about me dressing her up and such. She is 15 years old, almost blind, deaf and senile. She didn't object to me putting these silly glasses on her for a few moments to snap a few photos. I used a very shallow DOF f/1.8 with my cheapo 50mm lens to get the feeling of an old, black and white sci-fi movie. Lighting was natural window light. For editing, mostly Topaz B&W and a bit of dodge and burn.


  1. Hahahahahaha that is sooooo perfect. Made me smile when I saw this. Your pup is such a trooper. You will have this to remind you always on what a great companion she has been. Fantastic. Love it!

  2. "Look into my eyes..."
    Too funny! Love the title...very creative all the way around! Looks just like it's from an old B Sci-fi movie.