Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 34 by Becky

What the ?

Macro of an Orchid. Converted to B/W. To me, this looks like some kind of bat flying at you. What do you see? Played around with my flash on this one. Didn't do a whole lot of processing in Photoshop, except to brighten the face a bit so it would pop.


  1. I think it looks like the creature from the movie "The Abyss". The angel-like creature that Ed Harris sees towards the end of movie and it saves him and the submarine crew from drowning. Very cool! Beautiful capture!

  2. Fascinating abstract! It almost has a 3D feel to it! I see the bat. It also reminds me of the back of the mouth with the uvula and tonsils singing a high note! Laaaaaaaaaah!