Saturday, November 26, 2011

Week 26 by Robin

Retired...For Now

This Volvo was in a wooded area at my brother's house. It may once have been in one of those Daytona car shows like Becky attended this week, but now it waits for someone to restore it to its former beauty...or not. My brother said the owner left it there. I was looking for a tutorial on how to process an old car in Photoshop for the most impact, but didn't see one that was right for this photo. So, I applied some Topaz magic and this is what I came up with :).


  1. Great job Robin!! Don't you just love the Adjust 5 from Topaz.

  2. Oh wow this is a great looking car needing a home. My dad now has two that he is working on with my son. If no one wants it maybe my dad would. Great find Robin love the processing.

  3. Poor car, it's looks so lonely. I love the Daytona Beach tag on the front, sort of makes one think it was a race car wanna be, but put out to pasture instead - sad. Who says photos aren't emotional ;) Great capture, Robin!