Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week 26 by Judy


I wanted a really cool photo to commemorate the half-way point of our NWG's 52-week photo project. The photo isn't that great, but it is of something I have never witnessed before and may never again in my lifetime. We went camping for the Thanksgiving weekend to a great county campground in Narcoossee, FL. This Peninsular Cooter Turtle surprisingly stopped and laid her eggs in the empty campsite next to ours. She dug two holes with her back legs and alternated laying her eggs in each hole. As she laid each egg, she would cover it with a thin layer of dirt and then move onto the other hole. She laid 22 eggs and it took her about a half hour. She seemed oblivious to us watching her. When done, she added enough dirt to the nest to level it off and walked off, never to visit the nest again or to ever see her baby turtles. She had some damage to her shell, probably done by a boat propeller, but it looked like it had healed. What a neat event to have witnessed!


  1. This is way too cool. To me this is the beauty of photography. To capture something that you may never see again. Interesting that she dug two holes and alternated. Good use of time. Nice crisp focus and detail. Nicely done!

  2. Wow! Cool!! What a thrill to watch this mother turtle laying her eggs! This photo brings us there. Interesting shell on the turtle. She must have been through something traumatic. Great capture of her laying an egg! Excellent nature shot! Loved reading the story behind it!

  3. What an incredible capture Judy!!!!Now what would be really cool is capturing the little babies once hatched and running about.