Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week 18 by Robin

Laughing Dragonfly

A happy little fellow! Found him in my front yard. I took this shot from below. I wish the background was simple, but maybe the brown house, green leaf and blue reflected in a window doesn't detract from the subject too much. 


  1. Awesome capture. Everytime I got one this weekend it was his butt or side view. Love how it looks like he is smiling. Would't have guessed that was a house and window in the background. Amazing what we can find in our yards. Fantastic.

  2. I bet this guy is laughing because he had his money on the winning ant from Becky's photo! Good, crisp capture! Mosquito Hawks are such interesting looking insects.

  3. As a non-photographer (or artist) I love the blue, green, and brown in the background, I think it sets off the dragon fly! I like dragon flies even more than praying manti!