Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week 17 by Robin

The art show was great and had lots of tents filled with all kinds of art this year, including some great photography. They had birds out for some sort of bird show as we were leaving. These two parrots seem to me to have humble body language and I thought they were cute. The background colors were very distracting so I tried Topaz B&W Effects to remove most of the color. I used the very cool, new "Edge Aware" feature under the Local Adjustment, Color. It enables you to touch only the parts you want to keep in color and doesn't bleed out into the surrounding areas. Topaz has a another winner! Love playing with B&W Effects.


  1. Love your processing you chose. The b/w background makes the birds stand out more and shows off their beautiful colors. While you were hot I was in Michigan wearing sweaters :)

  2. I remember these guys :-)! I watched a video on the edge aware feature and it looked like a really neat tool. Good use of it on this photo.