Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week 17 by Becky


Went to Michigan for my husband's 30th High School Class Reunion over the weekend. I was looking out my mother-in-law's kitchen window and saw this little guy.


  1. Aww...Such a cutie! Great find! Lucky you had your camera on hand. He looks like he's posing just for you! Nice composition and focus on he bird! Hope you had a great time! :D

  2. This is a cool classic "northern" scene with the chickadee and the beautiful northern pine tree in the background, not like the ugly pines we have here. You caught the glint in the bird's eye too! I almost posted a bird photo too. It would have just been too ironic for all three of us to do the same subject again, but I asked my husband which one I should post - the bird or the glass photo and he said the glass one. So be it. ;-)