Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 46 by Robin

Somewhere Over the Heron...Way Up High...

Ha ha! Week of birds here on NWG's! Heron from the highest level of the observation deck at Gatorland. What a beautiful bird! It was a cloudy day, so to freeze the action I used ISO 800. A bit grainy. I used Noise Ninja on the background and left the grain on the bird so I wouldn't smooth the feathers out. The blah background is the murky pond. Hopefully, the colors of the heron make up for it.


  1. No kidding this was the week for birds. Fantastic perspective. Didn't realize the beautiful colors in this Heron before. Wonderful job. Wish I could have been with you guys :)

  2. I told Becky that I thought your photo this week will be of a bird in flight...LOL! I knew how you were trying to capture them at Gatorland and you did a great job! Their breeding plumage is just beautiful!