Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week 46 by Becky


Yes, another Mockingbird photo. I would not have caught this photo if I wasn't busy trying to complete another photo challenge that Judy and I are doing. That is, we pick a day and take a photo or more every waking hour of what we are doing at that particular moment. I had picked April 14th as my day. I just finished doing my 8am photos and was sitting on the porch enjoying my coffee when this squirrel had approached my chair. I was like WOW! I had my camera handy so I attempted to take a photo of the squirrel. The squirrel started to move in the direction of the Mockingbird nest. Out of nowhere two Mockingbird parents appeared. This one had landed on the security sign in the front garden. The squirrel gave me the view of his backside so I decided I would take the photo of the protective Mockingbird parent. When I clicked the button, the parent had taken off and this is the result. Not super crisp focus, but I just though it was cool that I caught it in action as it got closer to the squirrel to protect its young. Which by the way are growing very fast. I hope to try to get a photo of them before they fly the coop :).


  1. Nice action shot! Like the B&W. I hope you can get a good shot of the babies without Mom giving you a thumping :-)!

  2. Lovely in B&W! Fabulous action shot! Love the movement! She strikes again! Nice that you had the camera ready to go to capture the moment.