Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 43 by Becky


I am always walking around my yard looking for things to shoot that I have not shot before. Started out trying to take a photo of two Mockingbird eggs in a nest.  Couldn't get the angle right to focus on the eggs. Plus, I didn't want to piss the mommy off too much. I will try again when the eggs hatch which will be real tricky since Mockingbirds are very mean when it comes to their babies. Then I took a photo of my Shih Tzu. Nope, didn't feel like submitting my dog again. Saw this web so I photographed it. It was very tricky since it was windy. I was not too thrilled  by just the web alone. I had no idea where the spider was. As I was about to leave, I saw this fly struggling in the corner of the web and I knew I had the photo for my No Wimpy Girls Photography blog.


  1. Help me! Help me!
    Nice capture. I always like photos of spider webs; they are such amazing structures (even if you don't care for the creature that builds them ;-) and always a challenge to focus on.

  2. The dark background makes for a nightmarish photo. I like it! You did a great job with the focus especially since it was windy!

  3. Looks great in lightbox, nice capture Becky, a friend of mine caught a honey bee in mid flight the other day, sharp focus, he said is was all luck as he was scrambling to get his settings on his camera right.