Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 40 by Judy

 Nature's Magic

The Camera Club of Brevard went to Rockledge Gardens, a large plant nursery, for its March field trip. The nursery was kind enough to open an hour earlier than its normal time just for the Camera Club members. It was very nice. They have many, many flowering plants, water fountains, garden sculptures and ornaments, fruit and palm trees, and all types of gardening supplies. Another nice feature, is the music; in each segregated section of the nursery, they have different music playing from vintage jazz to Caribbean reggae. Another fun CCB field trip! This photo is straight out of the camera; no editing applied.


  1. Fantastic job Judy. You did a great job capturing these beautiful flowers. Sounds like another great CCB field trip.

  2. Lovely color! Your camera does well with the color and clarity! You got the exposure just right too! Beautiful!