Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 36 by Becky

Bottoms Up!

Busy weekend at the soccer fields. My son had a soccer tournament. We won all three games. WooHoo! My son, in the yellow shoes, did a slide tackle which caused the other player to lose his balance. Currently, my son has a lot of grass burns on his legs; the price you have to pay when you are the sweeper of the team. In other words, the last man before the goalie. It was an awesome weekend.


  1. Nice capture of what looks like a very uncomfortable moment for both players! An expert move from your son! Great action photo that tells the story!

  2. Nice butt shot!! :-) Great capture! You can even see the grass and dirt being thrown up in the air. You need to submit this one at the camera club's next action theme contest.