Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 39 by Becky

I ran my first ever half marathon (13.1 miles) today in the Disney Princess HM.  This was something I decided to add to my ever growing bucket list to do before I turn 50.  I started seriously running January 2011 after my husband signed us up for a 5K.  Since then, I have ran in a number of 5Ks and decided I wanted to do a half marathon before I turn 50.  Believe me, as the time drew nearer I was doubting my sanity.  My toes, you see, do not like to run after 5+ miles.  But, I stopped and stretched the toes periodically and it was no big deal.  Can't wait to try my new shoe inserts to see if they help with the toe issue, because after this run, I am thinking of doing another one :).  It was an awesome experience.  I hope to convince my daughter to do it with me in January 2013.  I did feel like a princess during the run. Disney World did an awesome job organizing the run which made the experience so much fun.  I came in close to the time I was shooting for.  If I didn't have slow people in front of me, periodic stretch breaks on the toes, and the potty break, I may have come closer to two hours.  But, I am proud of what I did, no matter what, because I placed 5,738 out of 15,784 women runners.  I still had energy during my 12th mile :)


  1. Way to go! Impressive finish. Knew you could do it. Photo is very cool too!

  2. Congratulations! Quite an achievement!