Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 35 by Robin

Scanning the Beach

A wonderful, fun outing this weekend with perfect weather! I love our time together! I haven't taken many birds in flight at the beach, but many actually came out in good focus with ISO 100! They say the 7D is good for this and it seems to be true! He could have had a fish in his mouth or something. Ha ha! I didn't do much except sharpen and adjust the color. I just set up Photoshop on my new computer tonight and haven't done any of the plug-ins or ran a monitor calibration.


  1. Awesome capture. I just love his smooth white lines against the blue sky. Everything is in focus. Well done.

  2. I almost have this same shot, but not as close-up. It's cool how you can look right into its eye and also can see the black band around its beak. Nice focus, capture and DOF! Can't wait for our next outing! Where shall we go?