Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 34 by Robin

Bugsy on a Rug

This weekend went so fast and I didn't have time to get creative, although I tried. Seems I always have a few photos of my dogs on every CF card and this week is no exception. Bugsy really misses me now that I am working again and when I come home he doesn't leave my side. Nothing like playing with your dogs to make you forget about everything else for the moment!


  1. What a look of anticipation! I bet nothing can sneak around the house without those radar ears hearing you :-). Very cute. B&W is nice too.

  2. Bugsy makes such a cute model. Can't help but smile when you look at his cute little face. Great choice in going with B&W. Love the pattern he his sitting on. Contrasts nicely against his patterns. Got to love the puppies :)