Friday, December 16, 2011

Week 29 by Judy


This is Gunner; although, my husband calls him Tripod, because he only has three legs. One of his owners accidentally ran over one of his hind legs with a golf cart when he was a pup and it had to be amputated. I say "one of his owners" because he really has made himself the neighborhood dog. He eats and sleeps at various homes, ours being one of them. He visits almost daily. He barks at the door until we give him something to eat and drink and then he usually goes on his merry way. He gets around just fine, in spite of his handicap. This picture was taken during one of the rare times that he decided to grace us with his presence and hang around for awhile. I think it looks like he's having a good laugh, but really he's yawning. Dogs always make me smile.
I used a low strength of Topaz's clarity filter and some cropping.


  1. Hahahahaha! Adorable moment captured! I love the way his tongue is curled! Dogs always seem to do that when they yawn. He's such a cutie. Some of his personality comes through with this photo! Great job with the pose and editing! Wonderful story! Nice to know that there are still some dogs that are allowed to roam the neighborhood without a problem. You guys are good to him. That's a happy ending for everyone! :)

  2. That was the first thing I noticed was the curled tongue. Great capture Judy. What a lucky dog he is. There is something to be said about a dogs life :)