Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 27 by Robin

McKee Bee

We love our bees!! :) I hope you don't mind. As Judy said, we went to McKee Gardens and it was peaceful and beautiful! We had a wonderful day of shooting, meandering through the many garden paths, and having a delicious gourmet lunch at the cafe, complete with charming managers that seemed to care about pleasing their customers! How rare these days! There were bees and dragonflies everywhere, along with some snakes! The flowers were gorgeous! I used a shallow DOF and my on-board camera flash on a lower power to compensate for the wind blowing everything.


  1. Yeah, you finally captured your bee! And, a wonderful bee photo at that! Sweet! Beautifully done. I really enjoyed our trip; we will have to go there again soon.

  2. He looks so fuzzy and cute. Love the color of the flower because it causes the bee to stand out. Great DOF and POV. Awesome capture.