Saturday, December 31, 2011

Week 31 by Becky

Really? You Hate Spanish Moss That Much!

Had another No Wimpy Girls trip. This time we went on a boat ride in Winter Park. Saw a lot of expensive houses on the chain of lakes via a boat ride. Saw this guy actually taking the time to tear down the Spanish Moss in an old oak tree. Why? I have no idea. The moss does not hurt the tree. But, that is his business. Had many photos to choose from and settled on this one. Played around with some of the filters in Topaz. This could be retro or vintage. Don't remember. Well anyway, I really enjoy these outings with Robin and Judy. Judy is the ultimate planner. Without her, Robin and I would not see half the stuff we see. Thank you Judy for taking the time to plan these outings.

Been informed there are boat tours in Mt. Dora
May have to check this out for a future NWG trip :)

Happy New Year No Wimpy Girls!


  1. Hey, nice shot. I'm surprised it came out so well as we were fairly far away from those guys. It is strange removing the spanish moss? Maybe it was blocking the view of the lake from the house?

    You are very welcome. You know I love our trips too and helping to plan them. Looking forward to the next one. Couldn't get to the Mt. Dora boat tour link, but the Mt. Dora trolley tour looks interesting.

  2. What a great shot! You certainly don't see this every day! It looks very dangerous, but he looks happy. I like the composition and processing! A very interesting capture that tells a story... about how fussy rich people can be! :)

    Yes, Judy we really appreciate you! You have a knack for getting things done and you have so many great ideas! This blog was your idea and it morphed into regular No Wimpy Girls outings that are always wonderful and uplifting! :D

    Mount Dora looks great! They have so many different ways to tour the town! If the Segways had a camera mount what a nice monopod they would make!