Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 24 by Judy

Quit Goofing Around!

We attended a friend's wedding reception Friday evening (11/11/11) at Fish Lips Grill at Port Canaveral. We spent the night at a nearby hotel so we wouldn't have to drive home late Friday night and to spend some time on Saturday at the Port, where many cruise ship terminals are located, to include the Disney cruise line. This photo was taken Saturday morning of the front of the Disney Magic cruise ship. In true Disney fashion, they placed this whimsical 3-D figure of Goofy painting the name of the ship on the bow. Too funny!
I forgot to change my ISO from the evening before (drat!), which I had set at 3200, so there was noise on the photo. To help "repair" this, I used Topaz's Smooth Portrait filter. I may have to get Topaz's Denoise plug-in, if I keep forgetting to check my ISO :-).


  1. Love it. I just love anything Disney. Great capture. Can't tell you had the ISO high. Looks wonderful. You captured the colors perfectly.

  2. Great shot! You can't tell the ISO was 3200! Your "repair" went very well. :) You can still see the detail and all the charm of this adorable photo! It's always fun going down to the port to take photos!