Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 21 by Becky


Good thing I was home where my camera is. My sister noticed this Anole peeking out between the slats of my hickory rocker on my front porch. As soon as she showed me, I knew I had my photo for the week. Decided to convert it to black and white, since he really is a dull brown lizard against a reddish brown rocker.


  1. Very cool pose and wonderful DOF! I like that you got him against the dark area. Really makes all the detail in his skin show up very well. Nice composition too. He looks almost regal, like he's saying. "This is MINE! Get off my rocker!". Hehe!

    Looks like something is wrong with the Blog layout or something else. Does anyone else see it? I tried it from three different browsers. I attempted to fix it and I can't. Hmmm... I'll make a backup and then wait a while. Maybe Blogger is having a meltdown or something.

  2. Did this guy try to sell you insurance? :-) Cute shot!