Friday, September 9, 2011

Week 15 by Becky

Do you mind?

Playing around with my 33 year old Nikon MF 50MM f1.4 lens on my Nikon D300s DSLR. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could do it. I still have my first Nikon that my father bought in Korea back in 1978. It is a Nikon FM. I love that camera just as much as my latest Nikon. Well anyway, this is a butterfly in my front garden. The settings are ISO 200, f1.4 and 1/2500. I sharpened in CS5, plus made the colors richer. Also cropped it down a bit since this is not a macro lens I couldn't get too close. I really like the DOF this lens produced. It seems to have really isolated the flower and the butterfly. Looking forward to playing with this lens some more.


  1. Nice macro! I like the two vibrant colors together - yellow and purple. Keep up the nice work with this lens!

  2. Yes!! I am so happy to see that you got that fantastic lens working with the Nikon! A beautiful shot! Lovely colors and smooth background with that nice shallow DOF! This reminds me of a photo you would see in a photography book! Great Becky!

  3. Becky, that is so detail I can see the little spurs at the base of the purple flower. Nice job, it's nice to see Nikon still keeping up. Nice job. Thanks for posting your workflow. I have a 60 mm Tamron, I need to use it.