Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 9 by Judy

Sunrise Over the Cape

We went camping this past weekend at a small county park along the Indian River. This is a great park for watching rocket launches from Cape Kennedy. We have camped here a couple of times to view Shuttle launches - just beautiful! Across the river is the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB). Sadly, the VAB is now an icon of a bygone era. The Shuttle program was a great success and it will be missed. This photo was taken just before sunrise with some cropping as the only editing.


  1. Wonderful documentary of an icon of a bygone era. The silhouette of the Great Blue Heron is a nice touch.

  2. The mood of the photo is perfect. Lovely and moving. Great job, Judy!

    The end of the Shuttle program is very sad. It defined the area of the "Space Coast". Hopefully launches of other types will continue and we rise out of the ashes of budget cuts!