Friday, August 19, 2011

Week 12 by Becky


Tried painting with light. The last time I painted with light was in 2002, using a Minolta SLR (film) camera, for a photography class that I took with my friend, Judy. That was fun. Decided to try it again with my Nikon D300s DSLR. This is a yellow daisy like flower. I used black velvet as my background and a small led flashlight. Set my f-stop to f32 and manually focused. This was all done in my home office. As soon as I clicked the shutter, I lit up the flower with the flashlight. Next time, I will try it someplace where it is pitch black (e.g., my closet or outside). I will play with this technique again.


  1. Awesome Becky, seems anything with a black background really looks wonderful. Painting with light is addictive.

  2. Very nice technique! I love the way the yellow flower stands out against the deep dark background! The detail is very good. How long was your exposure, if you recall?

  3. Very pretty. I bet this didn’t take you all day like it did when we did this in 2002, nor as much laughing going on. I’m going to have to try this technique using my digital camera.

  4. So very true Judy. There was way more laughing going on when we did it all those years ago.

    Thanks Steve. Saw that link you posted to Judy on painting with light. Looking forward to trying it again.

    Hey Robin, my settings were f32, iso 200 and 4 secs. My office really needed to be darker. 4 secs is just not long enough to really do a lot of painting. Need pitch black so I can set it to bulb. Fun trying.