Saturday, August 13, 2011

Week 11 by Judy

The Pink Door

Went to Historic Cocoa Village for one of our Camera Club's monthly field trips. This was an evening field trip and a first for me at attempting night time photography. It was a fun learning experience. This is the front door to one of the several eateries in the Village taken just about at twilight. I liked all the lights, colors and the angles of this entrance. I applied a low strength of the Topaz Psychedelic filter and used the Elements cookie cutter tool to give it a ragged frame.


  1. Nice job with the night photography! The framing and colors really make the entrance pop! You made good use of Topaz. It's fun to use on photos like this!

  2. The title fits the photo perfectly. Great perspective and awesome job on the processing. I didn't get the door but got instead the thing hanging to the right. Interesting to see what everyone else saw and took a photo of.

  3. Nice job Judy, I am finding taking your original image and creating layers, from those layers experiment with different topaz filters makes for some very interesting images. My next night time project is called Painting with Light. Check this out...incredible