Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week 10 by Robin

We went to Viera Wetlands this afternoon and only got a few shots in before they kindly told us that they would be closing. They used to let us stay until sunset but they probably get tired of waiting for us silly photographers trying to get that perfect image. An anhinga drying his wings and an ibis. I cropped this quite a bit, adjusted the color to make it a deeper orange, adjusted tones and contrast and added a vignette.


  1. This a beautiful photo. I love the anhinga spreading his wings. It is like he is showing off to the ibis who really doesn't care that this guy can spread his wings or not. The ibis is looking for his next meal which is top priority on his list.

  2. Nice composition and capture. I like the vignetting too. I think the park rangers are silly, not the photographers ;-).

  3. Awesome Robyn!!! Superb capture!!