Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week 7 by Judy

The Pollinator

Caught this bee coming in for another load of pollen, but I don't know how he could carry much more! His target is a Peruvian Apple Cactus flower. It only blooms for one night. Then the blossoms fall off and a red skinned fruit, about the size of a small apple, begins to form and in about two weeks it ripens. I had some of the fruit for breakfast this morning. It is hard to describe the taste, but it's good. I took this photo at 7:36am and by 8:15am the blossom was closed up.


  1. Wow Judy,
    This is an awesome capture. I just love the creamy tones in this photo. That bee has some thunder thighs:)
    Composition is spot on. A shame the flower does not last that long. That bee caught the flower at the right moment and you caught them both at the right moment. What timing. Well done!

  2. I agree...awesome capture! I have been trying to capture an insect in flight for a long time and know how hard it can be! ( I haven't yet!) This is in great focus and with the full pollen sacks too! Love the flower in the photo. It almost looks like a painting. It tells the story very well! Interesting information about the flower and the fruit. The bee didn't have much time to collect the pollen but got the job done with time to spare! Excellent!

  3. Judy! I love your blog -- thanks so much for visiting mine and leaving your URL. Photography is such a great hobby to share with friends!

  4. This bee image is a keeper!! Wonderfully captured.