Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week 5 by Becky


I bought this large crystal ball a few years ago for the sole purpose of being one of my photographic props. Saw it sitting there on my shelf and I figured it was about time it was used. I have always liked what I see when looking through a crystal ball or even a clear marble. I figured I could have fun with this and also do a self portrait. So, here I am acting like I am trapped in this crystal ball. Took me three days to come up with one that I kind of liked. I had a lot of fun doing this. Getting the lighting and the shocked/scared look was a bit humorous.


  1. LOL, this is great, Becky! How creative! I admire your persistence too. I see Lexi is in the bubble with you.

  2. Very creative! Glad you are making use of the crystal ball again. This is a fun idea that you carried off brilliantly! The B&W tones are great and it reminds me a little of the famous Esher art.